Although our weather so far has been fairly mild for this time of year, it is inevitable that it will change soon. We all know to get out the snow brushes for the cars, stock up on the sidewalk salt for walkways, and pull out the flannel pajamas. However, there are a few things that everyone should do this time of year that gets overlooked.

For instance have you unhooked that garden hose from your outside faucet? Any outside water faucets should be disconnected and shut off from the inside valve. The outside valve, however, should be left open to allow any remaining water in the pipe to expand without causing the pipe to break. This is a quick and simple tip that could save costly repairs in the Spring!

Another item that deserves your attention this time of year is your fire prevention monitors. Batteries in both your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced and any hard wired detectors should be checked for proper operation.

While we are talking about batteries, how many change their batteries in their set back thermostat? This can save some big money on your heating costs as well as save yourself from a cold wake up call in the middle of the night if it happens to shut off.

Last, we would like to remind everyone to change their filters in their furnace. This is a very simple way to make sure your family is safe and warm this winter.

For more information and tips on winter maintenance please read Winter Home Maintenance Tips by Travelers Insurance.

Have a great winter and be safe!