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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Who are the six (6) generations of Kinley and what is their relationship?

Adam Kinley began operations in the tannery and timber businesses in the Western New York region in the mid-1800’s. His son, William Kinley continued those operations until he ventured into the production of oil & gas properties located in these same regions, incorporating in 1909 – Kinley Oil Company.

Each generation has continued the timber and oil & gas operations until present day. A Company name change occurred in 1998 when J.L. Kinley, son of James H. Kinley, evolved the company into what it is known as today; Kinley Corporation (Parent Company). Currently, J.L. Kinley’s son, Jimmy Kinley is working out of the Texas office and is involved in the operations of all Kinley owned companies.

The SIX Generations of Kinley’s Adam Kinley to son William Kinley to son Lewis Kinley to son James H. Kinley to son J.L. Kinley to son Jimmy Kinley.

Q: What is the difference between Kinley Corporation and Kinley Construction Group?

Kinley Corp of N Y is a General Contractor specializing in commercial and residential construction in Western New York and Pennsylvania since 1998. These operations are headquartered in Allegany, New York.

Kinley Construction Group has been a General Contractor since 1986, specializing in industrial construction projects related to fueling, transportation, energy and waste treatment plants throughout the United States. These operations are headquartering in Arlington, Texas.

Q: What is most unique about the Kinley companies?

A unique combination of longevity of the companies, loyalty of its employees and a culture focused on family values and working hard with a positive attitude have all led Kinley to keep lifetime employees and conduct a great working atmosphere.

Q: What are Kinley's Bonding capabilities?
    • All bonding for the Kinley Companies has been provided by St. Paul / Travelers since 1999.
    • Kinley’s Liability Insurance Certificates and Insurance information is available upon request.

    For any further questions regarding our bonding capabilities or insurance coverage, please feel free to contact us.


Company Synopsis

Kinley Corp of N Y – Commercial Construction; General Contractor Headquarters in Allegany, New York

J.L. Kinley – CEO / Jason Crisafulli – President


Kinley Construction Group – Industrial Construction; General Contractor

Headquarters in Arlington, Texas

J.L. Kinley – CEO / Tom Hansen – President


Bell & Kinley Company – Oil & Gas production in Oklahoma and Texas

Headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Eric Bell – Managing Partner