Kinley History

“Building Relationships for Over 100 Years”

Kinley Company History


Adam Kinley, Founder 1824-191

Adam Kinley, Founder

jim kinley

James H. Kinley



Most recently, the Kinley family lost their patriarch when James H. Kinley passed away on July 20, 2015. Mr. Kinley was still very active within the Company serving as Chairman of the board for Kinley Corporation. Jim was also an active supporter within the community and his presence will be greatly missed by us all.




Dating back six generations, Kinley has been a family owned and operated business. Adam Kinley began operations in the tannery and timber businesses in the Western New York region in the mid-1800’s. His son, William Kinley continued those operations until he ventured into the production of oil & gas properties located in these same regions, incorporating in 1909 – Kinley Oil Company.  Today, J.L. Kinley’s son Jimmy Kinley is the 6th generation to be working within the Kinley Companies.


Headed by J.L. Kinley (son of James H. Kinley) an expansion era began in the early 1980’s by establishing operations in Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas.  In Omaha, Nebraska  J.L. & Jim Kinley purchased and re-furb
ished an existing fuel terminal, which supplied jet fuel to the Offutt Air Force Base.  After several years of managing the expansion in Omaha, J.L. Kinley set out to build additional fuel terminals in California, Idaho, North Dakota and other parts of Nebraska. This eventually led to the formation of Kinley Construction Company.

B&K---3Within this same time period of the 1980’s Bell & Kinley Company was formed in the State of Oklahoma for the purpose of producing oil & gas properties within the states of Oklahoma and Texas. Bell & Kinley’s office and shop are located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Kinley Construction Company, now known as Kinley Construction Group (KCG), is headquartered in Arlington, TX. Since the 1980’s,  Kinley Construction Group has been an Industrial Contractor that specializes in construction projects related to fuel, energy and transportation throughout the United States and Canada.  These projects include Airports, Energy Facilities, Fuel Flushing, Government Projects,  Railroad Yards and Waste Water Treatment Plants.  Within our company today, we have experienced personnel both in the office and in the field that have completed a wide variety of projects in relation to these industries – some of our employees have been with our company for 30+ years.

Also in the 1980’s, Kinley had begun its first real estate development project by constructing a 90,000 sq. ft. office building in Arlington, TX.  This building was the beginning of Kinley’s interest to develop commercial projects in Texas and New York.

In the year 2000, Kinley foresaw another opportunity to re-establish itself in the southern tier of New York where they had been in business for over 100 years. This resulted in forming a new Division, Kinley Corp of NY.  Kinley Corp of NY was formed for the purpose of constructing commercial projects in the Western New York and Pennsylvania regions.  Kinley Corp of NY is headquartered in Allegany, NY.

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