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Founded in 1909, Kinley is a family-owned and operated business that has been “building relationships for over 100 years”. Today, Kinley is a GENERAL AND INDUSTRIAL CONTRACTOR specializing in construction projects throughout the United States.
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Kinley Corporation

“Building Relationships
for Over 100 Years”

3295 Maple Ave. Allegany, NY 14706

(716) 372-4534

Kinley Construction Brochure

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Kinley Corporation History

Kinley Corp of NY is a General Contractor that performs construction services for commercial and residential projects in the western New York and Pennsylvania regions. Kinley Corp of NY, headquartered in Allegany, NY. >>more

Kinley Corporation Brochure

Click the image above to view and/or download the 2015 Kinley Corporation Brochure.

Kinley Corporation Headquarters

Kinley Corporation Headquarters
3295 Maple Avenue, Allegany, NY 14706

Kinley Construction Group Headquarters

Kinley Construction Group Headquarters
7301 Commercial Boulevard East, Arlington, TX 76001

Click image above to view an interactive map which displays  Kinley Corporation headquarters in Allegany, NY and Kinley Construction Group headquarters in Arlington, TX. View close up and map a trip to either location.

Map above displays territories covered by both of these construction firms.

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